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Mornington Peninsula Magazine (2024). Program A First For First Responders.

The CEO Institute (2021). Emotional Gridlock: Is Your Relationship Stuck in Traffic?

RoyalAuto (2020). How To Avoid Burnout When Working From Home.

The Age (2020). How Mindfulness Was ‘Hijacked’.

RoyalAuto (2020). The Simple Life-Improving Art Of Everyday Mindfulness.

Living Now (2018). What Mindfulness Really Is.

Dumbo Feather (2018). A Present Mind.

Body & Soul (2017). How To Be More Efficient.

Vogue (2017). Hardwired For Love.

Sydney Morning Herald (2017). Melbourne Leading The Way In Mindful Living.

Living Now (2017). Relationships & Mindfulness.

The Age (2017). Becoming More Mindful.

Body & Soul (2017). Five Ways Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Partner.

Vogue (2017). Practical Ways To Manage Anxiety & Stress Less.

International Business Times (2017). Self-care: How Remembering To Look After Ourselves Became A Movement.

Australian Natural Health (2017). The Science Of Mindfulness.

Living Now (2017). Building A Mindful Society.

Sporteluxe (2016). This Is How Meditation Can Improve Your Sex Life.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine (2016). Mindful Sex: Powerful Practices For Increasing Pleasure, Connection & Consciousness.

Good Health Magazine (2016). How To Have A Mindful Relationship.

Fernwood Fitness Magazine (2016). Five Things To Do Every Morning For A Better Day.

The Age – Executive Style (2016). How Stressed High-Flyers Are Teaching Themselves To Chill Out.

Lawyers Weekly (2015). How Legal Training Makes Lawyers Susceptible To Depression – And How Mindfulness Can Help.

Melanie McGrice (2015). Interview With Dr Richard Chambers.

Financial Review (2015). Monash University Teaches Mindfulness In Free Online Course.

The New Daily (2015). Grown-Ups Are Crazy About Adult Colouring Books But It’s More Than Child’s Play.

Coca-Cola Journey (2015). Why Mindfulness Matters: A Guide To Happiness & Success In Your Life.


Family Capers (2014). Meditation’s Modern Family Makeover.

Sydney Morning Herald (2013). Audience With Lama For Meditations On A Sultana.

Fernwood Fitness Magazine (2013). Discoveries In Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity Are Proving That Attitude Really Is Everything.

ABC Health & Wellbeing (2013). Mindfulness Meditation: Boosting Young People’s Brain Power? (2013). Interview With Dr Richard Chambers (Smiling Mind).

KidsMatter (2013). Mindfulness Made Easy.

Women’s Agenda (2013). Meditation: Why All Women Should Do It & How It’ll Make Your Job Easier.

ABC 774 What Does A Psychologist Do (And How Do You Find A Good One?)

2x Your Productivity With This One Simple Hack.

Enough With The Coffee Cards (How To Give Your Staff Positive Feedback (Using The 5 Love Languages)s)

The #1 Productivity Secret Nobody Is Talking About.

The Stress-Free Workday (3 Simple Tips For Managing Stress).

The Virtual Watercooler (The Importance Of Maintaining Genuine Social Connection In Hybrid Workplaces).

Distraction Proof Yourself (Tips For Managing Digital Technology).

The #1 Factor For Successful Teams (According To Google’s Research).

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace Vulnerability.

ABC774 (April 2020). Navigating Relationships During The COVID Lockdown.

ABC 774 (September 2019). Grace.

ABC 774 (August 2019). Is Mindfulness For Everyone – Or Just Hipsters?

ABC 774 (July 2019). Navigating Cross-Cultural Relationships.

ABC 774 (2018). What Does A Psychologist Do (And How Do You Find A Good One?)

2Day FM (2017). Meditation For Dummies (Fitting It Into A Busy Day).

2Day FM (2017). Helping Kids Focus And Get Unstuck From Negative Thinking.

2Day FM (2017). Dealing With The Trauma Of The Las Vegas Shooting.

ABC 774 (2017). Live From The Melbourne Comedy Festival (I am on at 1:50:00).

2Day FM (2017). Self-Compassion For HSC Exam Stress.

2SER Radio (2016). Building Your Mindful Muscle.

ABC 774 (2016). What Does It Mean To Be Mindful In Your Relationship?

ABC 774 (2016). Changing Your Relationship To Difficult Emotions.

FiveAA Radio (2015). Interview With Dr Richard Chambers.

ABC 730 Report. Mindfulness Has Gone Mainstream – But Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

TEDx. Mindfulness: defeating distraction and amplifying awareness.

ABC TV Catalyst. The science of meditation – can it really change you?

How To Not Get Sick And Die

How To Not Get Sick And Die Podcast (2023). Using Magic Mushrooms to Heal Your Life.

Body Meets Mind Podcast (2023). Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Mindfulness Meditation.

The You Project With Craig Harper (2022). When The World Is Your Office.

The You Project With Craig Harper (2022). Mindfulness And Psychedelics.

The Contemplative Science Podcast (2022). Psychedelics & Spiritual Traditions.

Move Your Mind Podcast With Nick Bracks (2022). Coming Soon.

Move Your Mind Podcast With Nick Bracks (2021). Change your mind, change your life.

Psychedelics Today (2021). Integrating Mindfulness And Psychedelics.

Technology For Mindfulness Podcast (2019). A Smiling Mind With Technology.

We All Wear It Differently Podcast (2018). Mindfulness Meditation.

All Being Well Podcast (2018). Radical Self-Acceptance.

Back Chat Podcast (2016). Mindfulness – How It Influences Everything That We Do.

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The Mindful Practitioner in Mindfulness In The Birth Sphere (Routledge, 2022).

The Experience of Designing, Mentoring and Participating in the Mindfulness for Well-Being and Peak Performance MOOC in Tertiary Online Teaching and Learning (Springer, 2020).