Mindful Stress Reduction

Been wanting to learn mindfulness? Or maybe you just want to reduce stress, sleep better or be more productive? My Six Week course is the perfect place to start.

A leadership training unlike anything you’ve done before.

Why is this unique?

The reason most leadership training programs fail is because they give you high-level concepts without helping you build the underlying skills and strategies necessary to apply them.
You might leave those programs feeling inspired to make positive changes to your leadership style – but then the unrelenting busyness of your job, the constant distraction of technology, the seemingly never-ending change, and expectation you will do more with less hits. 
You immediately feel stressed and overwhelmed, and find yourself leading in the same old ways as before.
I have heard this story countless times from leaders just like you.
Unlike other trainings, you need a leadership training that teaches you the day-to-day mindful practices to create effective, lasting change.

That’s where the Mindful Leaders MBA™ comes in. Step-by-step, I’ll teach you the evidence-based strategies you need to:

  • Eliminate distraction and train your attention
  • Prioritise and manage time effectively (so you can stay focused on high-value tasks)
  • Enhance your wellbeing and minimise stress and burnout ​
  • Achieve mental clarity so you can make great decisions (even under intense pressure)
  • ​Develop elite-level emotional intelligence, communication and conflict-resolution skills ​
  • Regain a sense of meaning and purpose (and start loving your work again)

Once you have mastered these underlying skills, I’ll teach you how to bring them all together so you can inspire those you lead to perform at their best.

I’ve Worked With Some of the World’s Biggest Companies

Get immediate results right away

My work over the past 20 years with leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers just like you has shown me that you expect immediate results.
That’s why everything in the Mindful Leaders MBA™ is practical and can be applied right away. From the very first exercise you will get proven tools and strategies that will make an immediate difference to your productivity, wellbeing and leadership.
The strategies and tools in this program have been carefully curated from everything I’ve learned about peak performance and leadership working with elite performers from organisations ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. Everything has been pressure tested in real-world situations, with real companies, and I have only included tools that actually work.
Over 12 weeks, I’ll teach you step-by-step how to build the underlying skills necessary to perform and lead at your best. These skills take only minutes a day to apply, and will immediately start producing massive results.
In fact, I’m so confident these tools will significantly boost your performance and leadership that if you fully apply them and are not 100% satisfied at the end of the 12 weeks, I’ll give you your money back.

These are skills all elite performers use…but most of us are never taught

Have you ever wondered why some people in your workplace seem to excel effortlessly?
It’s because they know how to stay focused on what matters, ignore distractions and negative thoughts, and connect authentically with others.
But these are not innate qualities or personality characteristics. They are learned skills.
Sadly, many of us are never taught them. And so despite our best efforts, we somehow keep getting distracted and overwhelmed, barely keeping our own head above water, let alone being the leader we truly want to be.
But the good news is that these are trainable skills. In fact, there are only a handful of things you need to learn to start performing at your best and creating strong, inspired teams.
These are the evidence-based skills you’ll learn in the Mindful Leaders MBA™.

It’s time to radically rethink leadership training

You’re expected to perform at your best at work. But how can you do this when you are constantly overwhelmed with busyness and unrelenting change? You’re expected to inspire your team to produce great results, but how can you lead effectively when you’re constantly in survival mode, barely able to get through your own workload?
Sure, at the beginning of your career you can start eating lunch at your desk and staying back late, putting in extra hours to get everything finished. But as you move into leadership roles, with other people relying on you in realtime, this strategy doesn’t work anymore.
Your boss or some well-meaning HR manager tries to address this by sending you on leadership programs, but these programs just teach you what a good leader looks like – and fail to teach you how to do those things in addition to your own unrelenting workload.
This is why I created the Mindful Leaders MBA™.

Sure, we’ll explore what great leadership looks like. And I’ll teach you best-practice leadership approaches.

But more importantly, I’ll teach you the underlying tools you need to be able to apply them, so you can perform at your best and lead others to greater wellbeing and success.
You’ll learn powerful, evidence-based tools and strategies that you can immediately pressure-test in your own working environment. Step-by-step, you’ll systematically develop all the underlying skills and strategies necessary for effective leadership and peak performance. 
After 12 weeks you’ll have integrated these tools into your everyday life (both at work and beyond), and you’ll notice yourself being more focused, less distracted and having a greater sense of wellbeing.
What’s more, unlike once-off leadership programs, the Mindful Leaders MBA™ gives you lifetime access to all the materials, meaning you can return to them anytime you need them.
The world needs more conscious leaders
Look around your workplace – or turn on the news – and you’ll see the serious consequences of ineffective leadership.