Mindful Connection

6-week course starting March 3rd

Resolve conflict. Have better relationships.


Are you feeling disconnected from your partner, friends, family or colleagues? Or does it seem like you are always arguing about the same things or getting triggered in the same old, predictable ways?

Or maybe you just want more depth in your relationships? Like…things are going ok, but you sense that so much more depth and connection might be possible?

I used to experience all of these things. It is totally normal – and more common than you might think! But then I discovered some powerful tools and processes that helped me have greater harmony and depth in all of my relationships. I found simple but powerful ways to:

  • Notice when I was triggered,
  • Manage the strong emotions that are an inevitable part of relating
  • Recognise the unmet needs at the heart of all conflict and difficult emotions
  • Get to the depth of what is really going on
  • Communicate in powerful ways that deepen connection and harmony in all of your relationships.

Let me share these tools with you!

I am co-facilitating this workshop with my partner Elisa Caro, an internationally-recognised expert in tantra and conscious relationships. Together, we will help you have greater depth and harmony in all your relationships.

You will walk away with:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • A deeper understanding of psychological processes and relationship dynamics, including how conflict is caused and how to overcome it
  • Effective, practical tools for conflict resolution that you will feel confident applying
  • A simple but powerful 5-step process you can apply anytime you are triggered that will increase harmony and connection. This is a process we developed in our own relationship and coaching/therapy, which we apply as much as we can
  • A workbook with powerful exercises that will help you deepen your emotional intelligence and have better relationships
  • Downloadable MP3 meditations that you can use forever to guide your journey of self-discovery.

The Mindful Connection 6-week course draws upon the latest research and neuroscience, and blends mindfulness, tantra and evidence-based psychological tools and techniques. It includes a dynamic mix of practical exercises, role-plays, meditations and embodiment exercises to give you the confidence to apply these strategies in your everyday life.

You will learn how to bring mindfulness to all of your relationships so you can:

  • Let go of habitual behaviours and reactions that are creating conflict and disconnection
  • Communicate with others in ways that create harmony and get you what you need
  • Use conflict and emotional reactions to expand your self-awareness (rather than getting trapped in them)

Practising these tools over 6 weeks will help you fully integrate them and create powerful, sustainable shifts in your relationships.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for everyone who wants more harmony and connection in their relationship with themselves and others. It is suitable for singles, couples, and people of all genders and sexual orientations.

When and where?

7 to 8:30pm every Tuesday for 6 weeks starting 3 March

185 Arthur St, Fairfield 3078.

How much?

$390 (or $330 each if you come with your partner/friend/colleague)

Includes workbook and downloadable MP3 meditations

Medicare rebate of $190 available with a mental health care plan from your GP.

About us

I am a clinical psychologist and leading expert in mindfulness. I am the author of 3 books and countless journal and popular media articles, a developer of the Smiling Mind app, and am leading an initiative to embed mindfulness in the curriculum for students at a major Australian university. Over the past 20 years, I have practised mindfulness meditation and done extensive training in tantra and psychological techniques, using these to improve my relationships with others, and teaching what works to my clients.

Elisa is an internationally-recognised tantra teacher and mindful sexuality and intimacy coach. Although she didn’t realise it at the time, her parents taught her self-awareness and self-love practices throughout her life, and she has come to embody these in everything that she does. After a brief interlude as a civil engineer, she began teaching tantra and mindful relating around the world and has helped countless people have better relationships with themselves and others.

Together, we apply what we learn and teach in our own relationship, constantly revising and growing together. We still definitely get stuck sometimes, but we always use this as an opportunity to look more deeply into ourselves and how we relate to others. Somehow we have bridged the divide between the worlds of tantra and clinical psychology – no easy task, to be honest – and now have a shared understanding of what brings us greater intimacy and harmony, and what gets in the way of that. We are passionate about teaching others what we have discovered so they can have more fulfilling relationships.


What should I bring? Please bring a pen (so you can write down your insights in the workbook we give you). Dress comfortably.

I am single, can I come without a partner? Absolutely! Our retreat will help you create deeper, more harmonious connections not only with partners but with yourself, your friends, family and colleagues.

Can I come WITH my partner? Yes, that’s a great idea! You will be free to work together in the exercises (which can be very powerful) OR you can work with other participants to practise the skills, and then apply them together afterwards.

I’m new to this, are beginners welcome? Yes, we will cover a range of topics and exercises that will meet the needs of people at all levels of experience with conscious relating.

I sometimes feel anxious in groups, do I have to talk? There is no requirement that you talk in the teaching sessions, although you will have ample opportunities to chat in pairs and small groups. We will also spend time creating a safe, supportive group environment so you can feel relaxed and comfortable sharing and asking questions.