Everyday Mindfulness

Weekend Retreat 18 - 20 September

Relax, recharge and go deeply into the transformative practice of mindfulness.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the fast pace of modern life? Do you get distracted and find it hard to stay focused on what is truly important? Do you feel disconnected from yourself – or those around you? Are you feeling chronically stressed? Oh – and how is your sleep?

Before I discovered mindfulness, my mind used to run all over the place, making it hard to focus – and meaning I spent a lot of time caught in unhelpful, negative thinking that made me stressed and unhappy. I still remember the first time I meditated, and how everything got quiet and simple all of a sudden. As I established a daily practice and started bringing mindfulness to each moment of the day, my stress decreased, I became more productive and felt more connected with myself and others.

I have maintained this practice for the past 20 years, studied with many of the world’s leading meditation teachers, and have taught mindfulness now to literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I hear all the time from people I teach it to that it transforms their lives in similar ways.

This weekend meditation and mindfulness retreat is the perfect opportunity to go deeply into these transformative practices. Spending an entire weekend immersing yourself in mindfulness in the incredible natural beauty of Palm Cove, Queensland will mean you experience deep relaxation and reconnect with the stillness within you. You will also return home with a thorough grasp of what meditation and mindfulness are, and a clear understanding of how to apply them in each moment of your life.

This mindfulness training retreat is well suited for both total beginners, as well as experienced meditators wishing to deepen their practice.

On the retreat, you will:

  • Learn a range of effective tools for dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Deepen self-awareness and gain control over your mind
  • Enhance focus and work/study performance
  • Learn to use digital technology in ways that add value, rather than problems, to your life
  • Improve empathy and compassion, and have better relationships with others
Health practitioners may be able to claim PD points.

When and where
5pm Friday 18 September to 5pm Sunday 20 September.

The retreat is being held at the incredible Reef House in the lush tropical surrounds of Palm Cove, Queensland.

How much?

Prices TBC.

Includes transfers, educational sessions and materials, accommodation, delicious resort-quality meals, snacks and healthy beverages.


What should I bring? You should come with a notebook & pen (so you can write down your insights and the practices). Dress comfortably.

I am single, can I come without a partner? Absolutely! Our retreat will help you create deeper, more harmonious connections not only with partners but with yourself, your friends, family and colleagues.

Can I come WITH my partner? Yes, definitely. You are free to work together in the exercises (which can be very powerful) OR you can work with other participants to practise the skills, and then apply them together afterwards.

I’m new to this, are beginners welcome? Yes, we will cover a range of topics and exercises that will meet the needs of people at all levels of experience with conscious relating.

I sometimes feel anxious in groups, do I have to talk? There is no requirement that you talk in the teaching sessions, although you will have ample opportunities to talk in pairs and small groups. We will also spend time creating a safe, supportive group environment so you can feel relaxed and comfortable.