Courses & Retreats

Dive deeper into the transformative practice of mindfulness and have better wellbeing, performance, and relationships.

Mindful Connection

Weekend Retreat 11-13 September, Yarra Valley
Deepen your connection with yourself and those around you. Learn to manage strong emotions and communicate in ways that reduce conflict and deepen intimacy.
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Everyday Mindfulness

Weekend Retreat 18-20 September, Palm Cove
Learn how to meditate and integrate mindfulness into every aspect of your life to reduce stress, boost performance and have better relationships.
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Clear Mind, Open Heart

Weekend Retreat 6-8 November, Yarra Valley
Learn mindfulness and self-compassion practices to radically transform your relationship with yourself and others, and cultivate genuine resilience.
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Mindful Leaders MBA™

Maximise your productivity, enhance your wellbeing and take your leadership to the next level. Let me teach you the skills to perform at your best.
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Mindful Peak Performance™

14 Day Challenge
Double your productivity in just 14 days using powerful evidence-based hacks, without stress, distraction or overwhelm so you can achieve sustainable peak performance.
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My Courses & Retreats

The countless distractions and pressures of modern life are leaving us increasingly stressed and finding it harder than ever to focus on what is important. My mindfulness courses and retreats offer simple, powerful solutions.

With 20 years experience practising and teaching mindfulness in top-tier businesses and educational institutions, I have developed an engaging, practical approach.

My courses and retreats introduce mindfulness in simple, powerful ways and give you tools you can immediately apply in your everyday life to reduce stress, sleep better, improve focus and performance, and have better relationships with yourself and everyone around you.

I am regularly featured in leading publications around the world

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