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Richard is an exceptional coach who has definitely enriched my life forever.

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What is integrated coaching?

Are you feeling stuck in your leadership journey, hindered by unseen psychological barriers?
Do you sometimes find yourself  hijacked by emotions and behaviours you don’t understand and that aren’t in alignment with how you want to show up as a leader?
Or maybe you’ve just found yourself in a leadership role without having had the opportunity to develop all the skills you need to succeed?

These things are really common for people in your position.

My unique Integrated Leadership Coaching is designed specifically to guide you through these challenges.

I combine the clarity and goal-setting of traditional coaching with the depth of clinical psychology and mindfulness, offering you a seamless journey between understanding your mind and achieving your objectives.
As an award-winning clinical psychologist and highly experienced coach, I use a unique approach that prioritises your psychological safety throughout the entire process. This creates a secure space for you to explore and overcome the hurdles that have been holding you back.
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Together we will help you align every part of your “inner team”. With my coaching, we’ll uncover those hidden psychological blockers that disrupt your progress. Together, we’ll address the inner critic that never rests, the perfectionist driving you too hard, the people-pleaser within you neglecting your needs and burning you out, and the imposter syndrome eating away at your confidence.
Imagine how it would be to feel fully integrated, with your words and actions reflecting your deepest values. Picture what it would be like to finally fully understand all of your unconscious drives and motivations, and align these around a common purpose that helps you, your team, and your organisation to thrive.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience working with elite performers in multiple fields and industries, I’ll equip you with practical tools that you can apply immediately for tangible results. Let’s embark on this journey together, where your personal growth and professional excellence meet. Let me help you unlock your fullest potential with Integrated Leadership Coaching.

Hi, I’m Richard

I am a clinical psychologist, leadership coach and globally-recognised mindfulness expert.

For over 20 years I have helped professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs just like you perform at their best using practical, science-backed strategies.

Frequently asked questions

Integrated Leadership Coaching blends traditional coaching with clinical psychology and mindfulness, offering a deep, transformative approach. It’s designed for senior leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs, focusing on practical, actionable strategies alongside psychological insights for comprehensive personal and professional development.

Each session focuses on setting and achieving SMART goals, aligned with your broader objectives. Progress is measured through these goals, and any unconscious blockers are addressed.

My approach includes practical tasks and real-time WhatsApp text support to apply insights in your professional environment.

Leadership coaching is an investment in both your professional capabilities and personal growth. Clients often report rapid improvement in decision-making, enhanced team dynamics, and significant career advancements, suggesting a high return on investment.

Just think: what price tag would you put on better personal performance and productivity, increased wellbeing, optimised team functioning, and a greater sense of connection with what is really important for you?

This coaching is ideal if you’re a senior professional ready to invest in your growth, facing complex leadership challenges, or seeking support in career transitions. A preliminary consultation can help assess your specific needs and the suitability of the coaching.

Coaching packages range from 6 to 12 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, typically held fortnightly. The process is designed to accommodate busy schedules, with a focus on integrating learning into your daily professional life for maximum efficiency.

Staying abreast of the latest leadership trends and research, I adapt my coaching to each client’s unique style and preferences. This personalised approach ensures that the coaching is relevant, impactful, and resonates with your specific leadership challenges.

Yes, I offer a complimentary initial consultation. This session is an opportunity for us to discuss your specific leadership challenges and goals, and to assess how my coaching approach can benefit you. It’s also a chance for you to experience my coaching style and decide if it aligns with your needs. The consultation is a crucial step in ensuring that we are a good fit for each

In my leadership coaching, you’ll receive personalised 60-minute sessions tailored to your goals, ongoing WhatsApp support for real-time guidance, and access to extensive online resources. My unique approach integrates traditional coaching with clinical psychology, focusing on practical strategies for professional and personal growth. You’ll gain transformative insights, learn to set and achieve SMART goals, and see tangible improvements in your leadership effectiveness.

Absolutely, confidentiality is a cornerstone of my coaching practice. All discussions, information shared, and records are kept strictly confidential. Your privacy is paramount, and I adhere to professional ethical standards to ensure that the trust you place in the coaching relationship is respected and protected. Your personal and professional information is safeguarded and will not be disclosed to any third party without your explicit consent.”

In coaching, progress and success are gauged by achieving SMART goals tailored to your objectives, regular assessments of growth, and practical application of learned strategies. Feedback sessions and self-reflection offer insights into your development. The success of our coaching relationship is also visible in the enhanced leadership capabilities and positive changes in your professional life.

As we progress toward your SMART goals, it is possible that unconscious blockers may arise. We will make overcoming these the focus of our coaching session before moving forward, ensuring you achieve all of the goals that you set.

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