I help employees, leaders, teams and organisations achieve sustainable peak performance and create high-impact leadership cultures

I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies

My powerful Leadful Framework™

For over 20 years I have partnered with organisations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In that time, I’ve empowered over 500,000 individuals globally to optimise their performance, wellbeing and leadership.

Over that time, I’ve learned a few key things:

  • Focusing too much on performance leads to burnout, which in turn results in decreased engagement, absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Focusing excessively on wellbeing programs leads to what I call “wellbeing fatigue”, where employees stop coming to wellbeing sessions out of fear it’s damaging their personal brand
  • Leaders and managers don’t have the mental space to apply what they learn in leadership training when they are overwhelmed with their workload and/or in survival mode.
This is why I created the Leadful Framework™. Simultaneously targeting performance, wellbeing and leadership is the secret to creating a thriving workplace culture. I’ve seen this work time and time again, and I don’t know why everyone isn’t taking this approach.
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Powerful solutions for individuals, leaders and organisations

Impactful keynotes 

Ignite your employees’ potential with dynamic keynotes that fuel organisational transformation. 

With over two decades of experience, I’ve engaged audiences ranging from sales teams to law enforcement, government officials to executives (and everyone in-between). I’ve spoken on the TEDx stage, at conferences and offsites, and at intimate lunch & learn sessions.

I combine riveting storytelling, research-backed tools, and innovative hacks tailored to your organisation’s needs. Each session sparks crucial conversations, fostering new behaviours. Elevate your team’s mindset, energise your workforce, and inspire lasting change- from the boardroom to the front lines.

Powerful workshops

Empower your teams with transformative workshops that reshape values and embed new behaviours.

Experience deep dives into critical topics fostering genuine organisational change, leading to thriving teams and enhanced connectedness. My workshops bring teams together, providing a platform for profound discussions that go beyond the surface. They will leave a lasting impact on your teams and their collaborative dynamics.

As an award-winning clinical psychologist, I guarantee psychological safety by bringing a trauma-informed approach to every session.

Comprehensive culture change programs

Embark on a culture transformation journey with my holistic programs, combining impactful keynotes, transformative workshops, award-winning online resources, coaching, and consulting. 

Empower your employees, leaders and teams by delving into the critical topics that foster genuine organisational change, according to the latest research. 

My comprehensive approach goes beyond conventional strategies, providing ongoing support for lasting, positive change. Elevate your team’s potential, strengthen collaboration, and cultivate a resilient, thriving organisational culture that endures.

High performance & leadership coaching

Unlock sustainable peak performance with personalised coaching designed to elevate productivity, nurture wellbeing, and enhance elite-level emotional intelligence for effective leadership. 

Drawing on my powerful Leadful Framework™, my coaching goes beyond conventional approaches, addressing unconscious blockers with evidence-based psychological tools, including mindfulness.

With extensive experience working with employees, leaders, and executives from Fortune 500 companies, I’ve successfully tackled a range of challenges. Whether it’s difficulty staying focused, overcoming burnout, or fostering team engagement, I simplify the path for you. 

Award-winning online programs

Unlock your full potential with my suite of online programs, meticulously designed to elevate performance, wellbeing, and leadership. 

Drawing on the latest behaviour-change research, my award-winning programs use a ‘nudge’ approach – delivering bite-sized, evidence-based tools and hacks for tangible results. Let me help you avoid the overwhelm and disengagement that results from delivering online resources in ineffective ways.

Choose from a carefully curated selection of programs, each tailored to improve peak performance, genuine wellbeing, and impactful leadership. This comprehensive range targets all levers for ensuring individual success and creating thriving organisations.

Insights and free resources

Personal tools and hacks

Unlock superior performance. Optimise your mental health and wellbeing, Boost emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills.

Organisational approaches and strategies

Create a high-performance culture. Attract and retain talent. Implement genuinely impactful mental health and resilience strategies that ensure compliance with psychosocial risk legislation.

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Book a free 1-to-1 consultation call to learn more about what I do and explore ways I can support you and your organisation to thrive.

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