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I am the author of three books. My research has been published in top-tier journals including Clinical Psychology Review and Mindfulness. I also regularly feature in mainstream television, radio and print media.

The Art Of Mindful Origami (Exisle Publishing, 2016)

Mindful Relationships (Exisle Publishing, 2016)

Mindful Learning (Shambhala, 2014)

The Age (2020). How mindfulness was ‘hijacked’.

RoyalAuto (2020). How to avoid burnout when working from home.

RoyalAuto (2020). The simple life-improving art of everyday mindfulness.

Dumbo Feather (2018). A present mind.

Living Now (2018). What mindfulness really is.

Living Now (2017). Relationships and mindfulness.

International Business Times (2017). Self-care: how remembering to look after ourselves became a movement.

Living Now (2017). Building a mindful society.

Body & Soul (2017). How to be more efficient.

Body & Soul (2017). Five ways mindfulness can make you a better partner.

Sydney Morning Herald (2017). Melbourne leading the way in mindful living.

The Age (2017). Becoming more mindful.

Vogue (2017). Practical ways to manage anxiety and stress less.

Vogue (2017). Hardwired for love.

Australian Natural Health (2017). The science of mindfulness.

Sporteluxe (2016). This is how meditation can improve your sex life.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine (2016). Mindful sex: powerful practices for increasing pleasure, connection & consciousness.

The Age – Executive Style (2016). How stressed high-flyers are teaching themselves to chill out.

Good Health Magazine (2016). How to have a mindful relationship.

Fernwood Fitness Magazine (2016). Five things to do every morning for a better day.

Lawyers Weekly (2015). How legal training makes lawyers susceptible to depression, and how mindfulness can help.

Financial Review (2015). Monash University teaches mindfulness in free online course.

ABC 730 Report (2015). Mindfulness in Australian schools.

The New Daily (2015). Grown-ups are crazy about adult colouring books but it’s more than child’s play.

Melanie McGrice (2015). Why mindfulness matters: a guide to happiness and success in your life.

Coca-Cola Journey (2015). Why mindfulness matters: a guide to happiness and success in your life.

Family Capers (2014). Meditation’s modern family makeover.

ABC Health & Wellbeing (2013). Mindfulness meditation: boosting young people’s brain power?

Sydney Morning Herald (2013). Audience with lama for meditations on a sultana.

KidsMatter (2013). Mindfulness made easy. (2013). Interview with Dr Richard Chambers (Smiling Mind).

Women’s Agenda (2013). Meditation: why all women should do it and how it’ll make your job easier.

Fernwood Fitness Magazine (2013). Discoveries in mindfulness & neuroplasticity are proving that attitude really is everything.

The Age (2012). Log in, tune out: could being plugged in to social media be rewiring kids’ brains?


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Submitted / In Press

González-Blanch, C., Medrano, L., O’Sullivan, S., Bell, I., Nicholas, J., Chambers, R., Gleeson, J. & Alvarez – Jiminez, M. (Submitted). Psychometric properties of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) in a first-episode psychosis sample. Assessment.

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Wong, W., Vasi, S., Hassed, C., Chambers, R. & Coles, J. (Submitted). The Mindfulness for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) study: Post-intervention mixed methods findings. BioMed Central Psychology.


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