Hi, I’m Dr Richard Chambers – clinical psychologist, leading mindfulness expert and developer of the Leadful Framework.

Watch my TEDx talk to learn how mindfulness increases resilience, productivity and emotional intelligence. Or see how I teach mindfulness on ABC TV show Catalyst.

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But enough about me. Tell me about you!


I am a business wanting to boost performance, reduce staff turnover and transform our leadership culture


I am an individual wanting to boost my performance, wellbeing, resilience and leadership capacities with mindfulness

Mindfulness Consultant

In 2019 I was awarded the Australian Psychological Society’s Significant Contribution Award for my work over the past 20 years helping hundreds of businesses and educational institutions around the world use mindfulness to enhance wellbeing, performance, learning and leadership.

I am leading a university-wide initiative to embed mindfulness in the core curriculum at a major Australian university and am helping train over 4,000 Victoria Police members in mindful leadership.

I also helped to develop Smiling Mind, a free meditation app with 5 million downloads, as well as two award-winning online mindfulness courses which have been completed by over 425,000 people around the world.

My Clients Include

Dr Richard Chambers online courses

Mindful Connection
Online Course

For many people, the COVID lockdown has brought all their unresolved relationship issues into the open. Rates of divorce are skyrocketing and people are scrambling to find ways to reduce conflict and increase connection and harmony with their loved ones.hose around them.

My Mindful Connection online course gives you the tools you need to do this. You will learn a powerful Five-Step Clearing Process to help you recognise and stop those reactive patterns, deepen your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, resolve conflict, and communicate more effectively with your partner, family, friends and colleagues.

I am regularly featured in leading publications around the world